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Policy Purpose, Organizational Scope, Reviews & Definitions


Information, Communication,  Marketing and Technology

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  1. Director, Directorate of Marketing and Resource Mobilization
  2. Manager, Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

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The website reflects the image of the university and it is the most important communication and marketing tools. With the ongoing increase in complexity of web communications, we must ensure the ongoing need for policies and workflows to manage web communications effectively and efficiently. Egerton University’s goal for its web presence is to provide a usable, informative, consistent and up-to-date online presence that represents and promotes the teaching, research, values, and culture of the University to all its students, staff, colleagues and external users.

This policy provides a set of principles to support this overall goal and outlines the strategic priorities, policies, and procedures of Egerton University. If you have questions regarding this document, please contact University Directorate of Marketing, Communications and Resource Mobilization or the Department of Information and Communications Technology (ICT).


Organizational Scope

The Web Policy applies to the web presence of the University, all it’s Faculties, departments, Groups, Centers, Projects or other organizational units that is a part of, or owned, managed and staffed by the University, or run by funding won under the auspices of the University, irrespective of whether their website is hosted on University servers or otherwise.

The Web Policy differentiates between University websites, built specifically for Egerton University and over which the University has comprehensive control, and the University’s wider web presence, which includes material provided through external websites and third-party applications, over which control is more limited.



This website policy shall be reviewed after every three years or when need arises.




University web presence

All webpages available via the internet which purport to represent all or part of Egerton University, including webpages associated with applications, blogs, social media and other web-based services.

University websites

A subset of the University web presence, encompassing all webpages created specifically for Egerton University; for the purposes of this Policy this definition excludes third-party application webpages and external webpages upon which the University may have a presence (e.g. Twitter, and Facebook).

Content Management System (CMS)

Software, or a suite of software applications, that is used to prepare, publish and manage content in a web-ready format.


A nominated departmental, or cross-departmental person responsible for managing the development, publishing and maintenance of one or more websites for the University. He or she is also responsible for directing queries on content and technical issues to the appropriate person(s) for action.

Social media

The creation, dissemination and exchange of user-generated content in an electronic and online setting using (but not limited to) social networks.


A visitor who access and / or uses University’s online resources through the web platform.

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