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a). Responsive

All our websites will be based on responsive designs. To help users of mobile devices use our site we have a responsive design that will display the content in a readable manner suited to the device it is viewed on.

    • Example: Page resizes to display correctly on a mobile device.
    • Implementation: HTML and CSS coding.
    • Test: New template and components will be checked across our device range before release.

b). Coding

HTML: Our website is built using HTML5 according to W3C standards.

CSS: Our website is built using CSS3 according to W3C standards.

JavaScript: We use JavaScript and JQuery to improve the functionality of our site.


c). Mobile accessibility guidelines

Using W3C guidelines for mobile accessibility, and to help users of mobile devices use our site, we have a responsive and adaptive design that will display the content in a readable manner suited to the device it is viewed on.


d). University Colour Scheme

As part of our brand guidelines we have chosen a suite of colours to work across all media. Where we use our brand colours they should pass WCAG AA colour contrast standards. Although any coloured text should also meet this standard and adhere to the following Color Scheme.

Official Logo, Color Name  & Color Code




eu logo main



C:83 M:6 Y:96 K:1

DS 274-1 C



C:1 M:99 Y:97 K:0

DS 73-1 C



C:18 M:31 Y:69 K:1

DS 12-3 C



C:0 M:0 Y:0 K:30

DS 69-8 C



C:75 M:68 Y:67 K:90

DS 325-1 C


e). Links

All internal links on our website should open in same window. If this is not the case an icon will indicate that the link will open a new window.


f). Text on images

If it is possible to use text to achieve the same visual effect as an image this is how the information should be presented rather than using an image.


g). Browsers and devices

As a well-built and compliant site we should display on all current browsers and devices. However, we only test on the following devices as they represent the majority of our users.

  • The most recent versions of Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox and Safari
  • iPhone and iPad – the two most recent versions
  • Android - Samsung Tab (tablet) and Galaxy phone – the two most recent versions with default browser
  • Chrome browser on most recent Samsung Galaxy phone


h). Fonts

As part of our brand guidelines we have chosen a font (Font Family: Open Sans, Font Weight: Regular, Font Subset: latin, Font Size: 14) to work across online media that is clear, concise and easy to read. However, should the font not work it defaults to Arial without effecting the site layout.


i). Consistent navigation

Keep all navigation in the same place on all pages. This does not mean that sub-navigation cannot appear on pages as required as long as that appearance is consistent across the site.


j). Consistent identification

The same icons and buttons should be consistently used across the website to ensure a user knows what one means the next time they come across one.

  • Example: Links to open an external site have icon displayed.
  • Implementation: Automatic by CMS.
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